Emerging Artist Showcase

It's Holiday season and what better way to avoid the long holiday retail lines than to come to our 2014 Emerging Artist Group Showcase on Thursday, December 18th.

The Scarab Club honored 11 artists of all mediums a monthly solo show in 2014, and now many will be together at once to provide a large array of affordable art, making this the most IDEAL HOLIDAY SHOPPING experience for those last minute shoppers who want something special to gift their friends and family.

Our 2014 Emerging Artists Participating Include:
Matt Paw
Luke MacGilvray
Monkey Teeth
Matt Fields
Mariuca Rofick
Jayde Williams
Sanda Cook

This one-night event is being held Thursday, December 18th from 6-10pm.

This exhibit will be in conjunction with the Dr. Sketchy Art Class hosted by Dizzy Dames burlesque maven Lushes Lamoan, located on the first floor



This exhibit will be in conjunction with the Dr. Sketchy Art Class hosted by Dizzy Dames burlesque maven Lushes Lamoan, located on the first floor.

About the Emerging Artist Program: The Emerging Artist program started in January of 2012. Curated by veteran artists and Scarab members, VATO and Adam Owen Layne, the program was created to spotlight metro Detroit artists of all mediums who are up-and-coming or considered the Who's Who of their inner subculture, but may lack the necessary exposure they need to get in front of the mainstream public.

 The Scarab Club is using this program to help the community see and appreciate art that they may not have the opportunity to see or know about. Budding artists need exposure, need to be cultivated and supported, and this program hopes to do so. It also helps entice new membership to the Scarab Club, since the century-old non-profit has opened doors for many artisans over the years, and being a part of their regular showcases can be win-win since it also adds new blood to the mix, and a fresh perspective on today's art.

Although Scarab Club has had decades of events and exhibitions that cater to all ages, this Emerging Artist Series is the first of it's kind. The spotlighted artists are hand picked and given the freedom to display and represent their work in their own solo show, with NO COMMISSION taken by the Scarab. There are so many stories to be told in metro Detroit, and this showcase allows the artist sole freedom to show their vision and perspective of life, without a jury deciding what the public wants to see. It's fresh and it's raw. This 2014 Series will be hosted and curated by VATO and Adam Owen Layne.

January Haneif Katebi
February Matt Paw
March  Joe Mazzola
April   Sherri Lemire
May Luke MacGilvray 
June MonkeyTeeth
August Matt Fields 
September Mariuca Rofick
October Jayde Williams 
November Sanda Cook
December   Holiday Group Exhibition


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The Scarab Club is supported in part by awards from the Kresge Foundation, Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation and the National  Endowment for the Arts.