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July 12-August 19, 2017
Reception: Friday, July 21, 5-8 pm

Artist Statement: My subjects are timeless, both modern and traditional—inspired by regular women who pass through stages of being a daughter, sister, friend, student, lover, wife, mother and grandmother. I am steadfast in my belief of empowering women to be the best in whatever we do. Despite the progress we have made, modern culture can still be very hostile for women. Our political, cultural and professional beliefs aren’t as well respected. We need to stand together and fight the gender bias and challenge antiquated work structures to create equality for women.

Vasu Tolia started to paint after her retirement from the medical profession. From her academic world of research, teaching and patient care, she has emerged a newly invigorated person in terms of thinking about paintings and poems instead of papers. She wants her paintings to tell an enchanting story by drawing the viewer into the wonder of the subject. She hopes that you get lost it it again and again. She works mainly in acrylic, mixed media and occasionally oil. Experimenting with newer techniques continuously reinvents her vision, to provide pleasure, tranquility, and serenity through her subjects and colors.

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