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October 28, 2017  1:00PM- 4:00PM
In Book 2 of the Horace j. Edwards and the Time Keepers series, The Search for the Lost Prophecy, Horace struggles to learn more about his role in his grandfather’s secret order – The Time Keepers. The portal to the past has been destroyed and it is only by accident that Horace and his friends Anna and Milton are able to locate another portal. This time they’re sent, not to Ancient Egypt, but to Detroit, Michigan in the 1920s, to the popular Scarab Club — the Order’s headquarters.

The tree mural pictured in this photo of an actual room in the Scarab Club inspired the author to include a tree portal at Horace’s grandfather’s farm.

Horace is tasked with keeping the sacred Benben Stone safe, but he’s just one kid. How can he save the Stone and stop the people threatening the Order before they learn of his true identity?


As a high school history teacher for over ten years, William (Bill) Meyer has taught almost every historic time period from the Italian Renaissance to the American Revolution. He says,“I’ve worked in urban districts from Detroit to New York City, but also in suburban schools like Scarsdale and Bronxville. However, regardless of the place or the students no topic has piqued the imagination of my classes as intensely as the study of Ancient Egypt.” Bill was born in Detroit, and currently lives in New York.

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