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For over 100 years, the Scarab Club has been active in the Detroit arts community.   Thanks to the efforts of so many dedicated people, the history and mission of the organization have been carefully preserved over the decades

As the Scarab Club forges its way into the new century, it is committed to bridging its treasured past with a bright future.


Outside of exhibitions, workshops, and events, just visiting the Scarab Club building is an experience by itself.  From the exterior to the interior, visitors will find historical elements carefully placed throughout the years by dedicated Scarab artists.

Within the building, the organization houses a permanent collection that highlights the work of several of the most talented Scarabs.  The collection is not limited to works on canvas, paper, and the decorative arts, but also boast several murals, including Dennis Orlowski’s (b. 1944) recent effort entitled, “Scarab Club Centennial, 2007” that was painted above the main entrance.

Focusing on the exterior, the current building was built in 1928, one year after the completion of the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) Cret Building.  The building’s close proximity to the DIA was intentional, having many shared members.  This historical landmark is treasured by the organization because Scarab member artisans completed its design, construction, and decoration.



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