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1907   –     Group of local artists and art lovers founded the Hopkin Club, named after revered “granddaddy” of Detroit artists, Robert Hopkin (1832-1909).

1911   –   The first Exhibition of Hopkin Club Painters was held at the Detroit Museum of Art featuring 153 works of art by 17 participants.

1913   –   Name changed from Hopkin Club to Scarab Club.   The name Scarab Club was inspired by then President James Swan’s collection of carved Egyptian Scarabs symbolizing “resurrection of life”.

1917   –   First Scarab Club Costume Ball held, themed “Fashion of the Year 2017”
–   Scarab Club Gold Medal Award Introduced.

1926   –   A committee of architect members selected Lancelot Sulkert (1888-1966) as architect to begin developing permanent building for organization.

1928   –   Permanent location at 217 Farnsworth is completed and opened.  During construction, members contributed items that were placed in a time capsule sealed in the building’s cornerstone.

1932   –   Diego Rivera visits the Scarab Club and signs a beam in the second floor lounge while working on his Detroit Industry murals at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

1937   –   Life Magazine comes to Detroit to cover the highly recognized Scarab Club costume balls.  Theme for this particular year was “Scarabean Cruise”.

1941   –   Juliana Force, first Director of the Whitney Museum in New York, visits the Scarab Club and signs a beam in the second floor lounge.

1946   –   Norman Rockwell visits the Scarab Club and signs a beam in the second floor lounge.

1962   –   Membership officially opened to women.

1973   –   First Scarab Club female President, Bernice Carmichael elected.

1974   –   Building designated as State of Michigan Historic Site on July 26, 1974

1976   –   Stephen Veresh installs his Phoenix sculpture on the outer wall facing John R Street in honor of the nation’s bicentennial.

1979   –   Building designated as a Local Historic District in Detroit on July 18, 1979 and remains the only single building in Detroit so listed.
–   Building designated a National Historic Site on November 20, 1979 for its outstanding historical and architectural significance.

1980   –   Edgar Yaeger installs his Moorish mosaics between the large windows facing Farnsworth Street (rendered in the original architect’s drawing in 1928 when Yaeger was a junior Scarab member).

1997   –   “Fifty Years of Scarab Club Art” exhibition opened featuring member art from 1907-1957 (organized by Patricia Reed, Randell Reed and Greg Stephens).

2007   –   Scarab Club celebrates its 100th anniversary.

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