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Exhibition: October 16th-November 16th
Reception: Friday, October 18th, 5 until 8 pm

Cats Rule: Michael Crane’s Clowder of Cats at the Scarab Club

The Scarab Club presents the work of painter Michael Crane in an upcoming exhibition, “Cats Rule.” The exhibition, which opens on Friday, October 18 and closes Saturday, November 16, 2019, will be shown in the second floor Lounge. Crane’s acrylic paintings of cats in various guises feature brilliant, unmodulated color and simplified shapes. By turns whimsical, mysterious, and anthropomorphic, these cats remind us how amusing and enigmatic the real animals are, while using their image as a starting point for an investigation of line, shape, and color. Crane’s style fuses aspects of Pop Art, Surrealism, and comics into delightful imagery that recalls aspects of popular culture, art history, and contemporary life.

Michael Crane earned an M.A. in art and an undergraduate degree in anthropology from Wayne State University. A former assistant curator of American Art at the DIA, he is currently curator of art for the Detroit Athletic Club. He has been a member of the Scarab Club for many years and works in one of the third floor artists’ studios.

The exhibition is accompanied by a book, Cats Rule (Treasure Press, $50) that will be available at the Scarab Club.

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