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Through May 31, 2020

Scarab Club Member Happy Hour, 5-8 pm

Sketch Session Exhibition

The Scarab Club is hosting an annual exhibition of work by members of the SC Sketch Club. Since its founding in 1907 Scarab Club sketch sessions have been an essential programming element. The sessions, scheduled four times a week, are attended by artists at all levels–from students to professional artists. The sessions are not instructional, but provide an opportunity to draw from a live model.

Participating Artists
Eva Armitage, Sean Bieri, Marjie Benson, Robert Denys, Marina Fomina, Cameron Geralds, Kayce Gifford, May Hiddleston, Eugenia Hoag, K.D. Jackson, Lauren Keils, Lindy Marie Lee, Michael J. McClear, Carole Morisseau, Jerome Patryjak, Jonathan Rice, Bruce Rose,Jeanne Ruzzin, Thomas Rosenbaum, Lawrence Sekulich, Claudia Selene Settle, Margaret Squires, Benny Stubenrauch, Penny Wang, Basil Zaviski

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