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February 3-March 20, 2021
Souls of Black Folk: Bearing Our Truth

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Participating artists

Monica Brown, Taurus Burns, Cydney Camp, Rita Dickerson, Olivia Guterson, Asia Hamilton, Donna Jackson, Sydney James, Ralph Jones, Desiree Kelly, Charles Miller, Carole Morisseau, Sabrina Nelson, Yvette Rock, Phillip Simpson, Mandisa Smith, Rachel E. Thomas, Charlene Uresy, Carl Wilson, Cara Marie Young

Souls of Black Folk was written over 100 years ago by W. E. B. Dubois to detail what it is like being Black in America. His words still ring true today. In 2020 and 2021, looking deep into what Blackness is and what racism causes in Black Americans’ lives is crucial and is best told by Black people and specifically artists.

I’ve read DuBois’ essays a few times, but the one quote about the two-ness of being Black and American sits heavy and true with me. Sometimes this feeling is hard to pinpoint or express and yet, DuBois did it simply. It freed me to know that this feeling can be described. It is okay to be these two things. To be Black. To be American. The challenge is being accepted as both. I hope that this exhibition shows glimpses of what some of us experience as Black artists and Black Americans and that it inspires people to positive action, to reading more about DuBois and others. I hope it makes people ask questions and continue to discuss race in America.

Donna Jackson, Project Director and founder of DMJ Studio

Donna Jackson is the owner of DMJStudio, a space where she creates things that matter to her as a woman, a person of color, an urban dweller, and a global citizen. Most of her work and projects use the power of art to tell stories about different communities in a visually impactful way, to give light to thoughts and ideas that live in the margins and background but have the potential of changing our world. For the past 18 years, Donna has dedicated her skills as a designer and project manager to develop marketing and promotional materials for urban libraries and non-profits. She is the founder of DMJStudio, a creative studio devoted to creating art projects and events that close gaps between community and culture through public art, exhibitions, film, and social collaboration. The studio desires to make art and culture accessible everywhere and to everyone.

Since 2013, DMJStudio has developed several projects, including:

  • Doors of Opportunity; a traveling exhibition of doors transformed into art.
  • In Pursuit of Hope; a film on the 1967 Rebellion.
  • Posters on Politics; a collection of posters from around the world focusing on global politics
  • Women Work Art Gallery, an online gallery focusing on the art and stories of women.

For more on Donna and her work, visit the DMJ Studio website.

Souls of Black Folk Virtual Exhibition:

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