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Anna Van Schaap, The Demand of Justice for the Dead, Digital Photograph, 2020

September 2-October 10, 2020

Watch the gallery talk with juror, Tom Stoye

For nearly fifty years the Scarab Club has hosted an annual exhibition of contemporary photography.

Participating Artists
Jerry Basierbe, Chris Bennett, Robert Beras, Judi Bommarito, Vincent Cervantez, Jessica DeMuro, Adam Dewey, John Diephouse, Kelsey Gaskell, Stephanie Hume, Kassie Hyde, Mario Inchaustegui, Kailey Johnson, Ralph Jones, Jamie Maciuszek, Li Miller, Gary Molnar, Danyell Nefe, Michael Ramey, James Ritchie, J. Gordon Rodwan, Denise Rohde, Anna van Schaap, Margaret Squires, Laurie Tennent, Elizabeth Thomas, Basil Zaviski, Rebecca Zeiss

Tom Stoye, Juror
Tom Stoye is an established social documentary street photographer from Detroit, Michigan. His primary interest in photography, is using the camera as a narrative tool to capture in-depth, socially relevant stories, derived from my personal experiences while engaging the city of Detroit and its people.

Spanning four decades, Stoye’s body of work offers honest representations of the complexities and evolving stories that make up his hometown. His work can be found in the collections of the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Library of Congress. In 2019, Stoye was the recipient of a Kresge Artist Fellowship.

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