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August 14-September 7, 2019
Gallery Talk:
Thursday, August 22, 6 pm

Participating Artists:
Anna van Schaap
Kelsey Shultis
Maria Cantisano
Bana Kabalan
Cristin Richard
Gisela McDaniel

Please join us for a gallery talk with the participating artists of the Fitwitch exhibition. The title Fitwitch is a kitschy modern co-opting of the multi-faceted historical concept of a Witch as a symbol of both feminine power and persecution.  It speaks to the femme artist as alchemist and conjurer in her craft, aesthetisizing female empowerment and oppression in a world where identity and the femme body are still intrinsically linked, and often dehumanized.

Fitwitch features the work of six dominating female artists all dealing with aestheticizing personal stories through ritual, ornamentation, and the role of proxies and the creative process as visual stand-ins for emotional narratives.  The artists in this exhibition confront their identities as both women and human, and the role that plays in their work, with underlying concepts of feminine power, familial and self-created structures of feminine support, an exploration of the body, self-love and loathing, and the ever-present societal backlash against female empowerment. 

Through a mixed-media exhibition that utilizes installation, paintings, sculptures, photographs, alters, wearables, and general iconography, the artists weave in and confront references to a broad spectrum of general and personal oppression within larger institutions.  Their work deals with systems of belief, rituals, religion, family, the natural word, and the femme body.

Image: Kelsey Shultis, Kelsey Ann, Oil on linen, 48″ x 36″, 2012

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