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Ian Matchett, Rise Up, Oil on canvas, 60″ x 46″, 2015

Virtual Gallery Talk with Meighen Jackson: Gilda Snowden Memorial Exhibition

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to view the link to the gallery talk. A link to the virtual exhibition is also available, for better views and information on individual pieces.


The Gilda Snowden Memorial Exhibition, formerly called the Silver Medal Exhibition, is an unthemed, all media show, open to all artists. It has been a staple of the annual Scarab Club exhibition calendar for decades.


Gilda Snowden was a wonderful artist in her own right, and a teacher, mentor and friend to this community for decades. She was on the SC art advisory committee from 2003 until her death in September of 2014. In 2015 we dedicated the exhibition to her, and in 2016 the exhibition was renamed the Gilda Snowden Memorial Exhibition.


Gilda loved the inclusive nature of the exhibition. She felt it gave all artists a chance at having their work seen. Year to year, she was delighted not only by the range of style and media in the shows, but the fact that participating artists ran the gamut from people showing work in a gallery for the first time, to students, professors, and established artists who rarely submit work for juried exhibitions. Gilda meant so much to this community, and we are proud that the exhibition now carries her name and honors her memory.


We were terribly sorry to have to cancel the gallery talk for the Gilda exhibition. Gallery talks at the SC are very informal, with the juror, participating artists and guests doing a walk-through of the exhibition together. All who attend the talks are encouraged to make comments, ask questions-and it becomes a wonderful conversation back and forth, giving greater understanding of the individual pieces, and the exhibition as a whole. It’s also an important opportunity for artists to hear feedback on their work.


I’d like to thank Meighen Jackson, the juror for the exhibition, for coming to the SC to film this gallery talk. It was just the two of us-at a safe social distance-and filmed on my iPhone. The production values are not the best, but Meighen gives insightful commentary on the work she selected for the exhibition, and her process as a juror.

Treena Flannery Ericson, Gallery Director
The Scarab Club
Image: Ian Matchett, Rise Up, Oil on canvas, 60″ x 46″, 2015

Virtual Talk with Meighen Jackson

Gilda Snowden Memorial Exhibition

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