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In the Studio: May Hiddleston

The Scarab is proud to host a series of videos filmed by artists in their studios. The first video features May Hiddleston. May works in a wide range of media, from painting, to sculpture, ceramics, and animation.

Artist Statement
My newest work embraces the fluorescent colors of my childhood. These colors carry with them associations of my earliest feelings about art, and moments when sparks were ignited.

I was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in a community right off Coney Island beach. This most recent work is loosely based on my experience of the rides as an integral part of my childhood, growing up. My work is also influenced by growing up within walking distance of the New York Aquarium.

I work in both abstract and representational forms. I often try to blend the two, as I never completely abandon reference to the real world. I try to capture the underlying layers of reality that exist below the surface. I use art as a way to better understand myself, my place in the world, and to express that to other people. I try not to pigeon-hole myself. The three dimensional paintings I am working on are my way of combining both painting and sculpture. I have an MFA in ceramics from Eastern Michigan University and a BFA in painting from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. My studio is based in my home in Detroit, where I live with my husband and three cats.

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