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In the Historic Room, on the second floor

The Scarab Club is hosting a solo exhibition of works by Jerome Patryjak. The exhibition showcases fired, unglazed and polychromed terra-cotta ceramic reliefs and bowl sculptures. The figure reliefs begin as life drawings, from the three-dimensional model to the two dimensional visual interpretations, and finally as shallow three-dimensional renditions of line, form, volume and shadow.

The sculptural bow forms are explorations in form, light and shadow, textures and openings. Some include multiple parts, allowing for rearrangements and interaction.

Artist Statement

Flow, Motion, Movement struggle against and agree together.

Deliberate forms with geometric design are planned, evolved, and changed.

Natural objects with rules of gravity, physical density, attraction, conflict and fascination, with tension and strain, an lightness & darkness: I enjoy the dance with the material world.

The imagined world of perceived space, illusions of perception, measurements and volume, I play with our world within.

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