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Lounge Exhibition | John Peters – Look

August 31-October 15, 2016

Reception: Friday, September 9, 7-10 pm

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Painter John Peters has been inspired by eyes for decades. The eyes see. The eyes also speak. Poets have said that eyes are windows to the soul.

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John Douglas Peters, (OPA), b. 1948, holds a Bachelor of Arts (1971) from the University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH. During his last year at the University, he was designated an Undergraduate Fellow of the Arts, the sole Fellow designee at the University in 1971. His mentors were Dan Valenza (sculpture) and John Hatch (painting). Mr. Peters also attended the College of Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan

John’s paintings are strong on form, color and composition. Sometimes appearing bright, joyous and simple on first viewing, there is often a subtle sub-text of comment, values or questions that give his work a far greater value than the obvious decorative power of his pieces. He says “Each painting has a representational tone, and a style that is expressive, with surreal subtext. My favorite tools are organic sculptural forms and bright primary colors”.

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