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Scarab Club Board Fundraiser Challenge

SC Board will match donations, up to $20,000

After only one week of this challenge, we have raised $5135, more than 25% toward our goal! THANK YOU to everyone who has already contributed.

But we still have a long way to go. As we look towards 2021, the Scarab Club’s Board of Directors is focused on helping to ensure that the Club not only survives but thrives. That’s why the Board has committed to donating $20,000 when you, the community, match us! Every dollar you commit in ANY amount will have twice the impact.

Despite having to cancel, rearrange, or postpone many activities this year, the Scarab Club team has continued to plan exhibitions, host concerts and recitals, and continue our long tradition of sketch sessions for artists, all important benefits to the arts community that are not happening elsewhere. Last week, we held our first pop-up Chamber Music midday concert, and we hosted a special reception for Detroit legend Dell Pryor, who signed one of the SC’s historic beams.

We are feeling good about the future and in our ability to continue to be a place where art and artists can come together. As we make our way out from under the pandemic cloud, please help us put our programs back in place. We cannot do it without you!

Please donate to the Scarab Club, a meeting and working space for artists for more than 100 years.


$25 | $50 | $75


$100 Donation | Gift: 

Limited edition SC tote bag



$250 Donation | Gift: Choice of one of the following books by Treasure Press

Paul Cooney: Photographer of Floral Art at the Detroit Institute of Arts

“The Detroit Institute of Arts benefits greatly and is most fortunate that its army of floral artists create fresh works of beauty week after week…As a contemporary art and as a transitory art, we are most fortunate that photographer Paul Cooney spent seven years photographing these floral creations. Paul’s beautiful photographs pay homage to the the floral creations of artists who work unseen and largely unacknowledged by the public.”

John Douglas Peters, Editor 


The Sculpture of Lois Teicher

“Lois Teicher is one of the few women artists anywhere who has built a career around large-scale public sculpture. Even more unusual, she works squarely in a post-minimalist idiom of industrial materials and formal shapes. Most American women sculptors of Teicher’s generation are rightfully celebrated for incorporating the aesthetics of crafts into their sculpture, for introducing new materials, ornamentation or a sense of working by hand. But Teicher chose a different path; her large-scale, site-specific sculptures look more like Ellsworth Kelly than Magdalena Abakanowicz. For Teicher, feminism gave the artist permission to overcome gender roles to fashion her own definition of what it meant to be a sculptor.”

MaryAnn Wilkinson
Executive Director of the Scarab Club and former Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Detroit Institute of Arts 


$500 Donation | Gift:

American Dreaming: Corvette, 7 Generations and Beyond, by John Douglas Peters and Robert Edwards

“The remarkable evolution of the Corvette through the decades is the result of the artistic contributions of a brilliant parade of artist designers who have sketched, then sculpted its singular forms. Bill Mitchell, Sparky Bohnstedt, Bob Veryzer, Pete Brock, Henry Haga , Jerry Palmer, Roger Hughet, John Cafaro, Tom Peters, and others, are among these masterful American designers who poured their finest efforts into creating each manifestation of this American icon.”

Bill Porter
GM Designer, Retired


$1000 Donation | Gift: Limited edition SC tote Bat + all three books



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