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Gary Taxali, NO, 2017

Closing Reception: Friday, September 7, 5-8 pm
The very best of a group of people or things.”
(The Oxford English Dictionary.)
Exhibition Wednesday, July 11 – Saturday, September 8, 2018

Join us for a closing reception for KRĒM, a unique exhibition of iconic and world renowned illustrators.

Curator Statement | Stephen Schudlich
It is the expressed narrative quality of illustration that separates it from its older relatives, drawing and painting. This is not say that it is not either of these. It is, and it often ventures into other mediums of expression such as collage, printmaking, and photography as well. The mission of illustration is to illuminate a concept, a text, a product, a service, or a process. It’s not created for ornamentation alone. It is in every sense an applied art. The group of artists (and make no mistake, they are true artists) in this intimate sharing represent some of the most talented of image makers. In assembling the pieces, I sought to select an engaging range of work that showcased both a progressive style as well as a bit of a nod to history.

Participating artists
Glenn Barr, Gary Baseman, R.O. Blechman, Marc Burkhardt, Roz Chast, Seymour Chwast, Sue Coe, Josh Cochran, Joan Cornella, Henrik Drescher, Gérard DuBois, Brad Holland, Anita Kunz, Ross MacDonald, Greg Mably, Luc Melanson, Mark Murphy, Joel Nakamura, Victo Ngai, C.F. Payne, Yuko Shimizu, Owen Smith, Gary Taxali, Mark Todd, Mark Ulriksen, Armando Veve, Esther Pearl Watson, Ellen Weinstein, and James Yang.

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