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The Theatre Bizarre Orchestra, emboldened by the successful release of their 2016 album “Carpe Noctem,” is set to create an even more lively, tantalizing, and tawdry follow-up recording. Rather than retreating to the hidden catacombs of the recording studio, far from the eyes of the public, the Theatre Bizarre Orchestra is choosing to peel back the curtain to reveal and expose, their creative processes to the public in a live performance recording session at the Scarab Club.

As a means of harnessing the full creative potential of the Theatre Bizarre Orchestra, burlesque performers will be on hand to entice and inspire the musicians and the audience alike.

Theater Bizarre Orchestra will be hosting TWO SHOWS, 7-8:30pm, and 9:30-11pm. Both shows are completely different, with different performers and music for each show.

Find tickets here.

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