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As an artist teacher, mentor and friend, few people had as great an impact on our community as Gilda Snowden. After her death in 2014, the SC began giving out the top prize for the Silver Medal exhibition in her honor. In 2018 the exhibition was renamed in her honor.

The purpose of the Snowden Memorial Exhibition is to recognize the diversity and achievement of artists whose work shows creativity of concept, excellence of design and expertise of media; to display these works to regional audiences and to be an educational opportunity for students.

Sue Carman-Vian has had a thirty-year career as a painter, performance artist and film and video maker. She received an MFA from Wayne State University in 1984. She received the Michigan Council for the Arts Grant in 1986 for the Public Billboard Project, and was an award winner in the Ann Arbor Film Festival in 1991. Sue has written, directed, produced and performed in nine productions from 1984-2008. Some of these productions were sponsored by Marygrove College. She has written, directed, produced and performed in eleven films/videos from 1986-2009. Most of these were made in conjunction with her performance art pieces. Sue has exhibited in numerous one- and two-person exhibitions and many group shows from 1986 to present. She has taught performance art at Wayne State University and Marygrove college in Detroit, MI. Since 2010 she has collaborated on a public arts billboard project and continues to perform her pieces in group performance events. Her work is narrative and autobiographically inspired by events in her life as they relate to her as a person and artist. Her use of universal themes help the viewer become aware of the value, relevance and place of art in society.

Jim Aho | Charles Alexander | Cathryn Amidei | Sylvia Bandyke | Kristina Beaty | Gail Borowski | Holly Branstner | Jan Brown | Hailey Callahan | Jessica Care Moore & Alex Atway| Lorenza Centi | Erica Chappuis | Yolanda Conley | Donald Cronkhite | Aaron Deshields | Rose DeSloover | Pat Duff | Paul Erlandson | Mark Esse | Elizabeth Fall | Kim Fay | Thomas Frank | Liz Frankland | Marcia Freedman | Bruce Giffin | Megan Grierson | Christina Haylett | Erik Henderson | Birgit Hutteman-Holz | Kip Kowalski | Brian Lacey | Douglas LaFerle | Angela Larson | Brant MacLean | Loretta Markell | James Markley | Janice Milhem | Jeanne Poulet | Joan Painter-Jones | Alan Paulson | Jeanne Poulet | Josephine Primeau | Ted Ramsay | Tom Ridout | Christine Ritchie | Allie Runyan | Christopher Schneider | Donna Shipman | Krysti Spence | Deborah Sukenic | Allen TenBusschen | Larry Zdeb | Rebecca Zeiss | Matthew Zivich

Image: Christina Haylett, Jitterbug, Mixed media, 12″ x 9″, 2019

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